Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lien Campaign Hires Known Plagiarist for TV Spot While Accusing Ko P of Organ Harvesting in China

The Lien campaign and the KMT cronies behind it seem to be rapidly running out of good ideas. Recently, they put out a new TV spot (they put out TV spots weekly and run them on a large number of stations during prime time every day, vs. the Ko P campaign which has put out zero TV ads and continues to lead polls by 15-20%), and the advertisement was quickly recognized by some netizen sleuths as a remake of a California Lottery ad campaign from a year or so ago.

Of course, Mr. Lien claims zero knowledge of the advertisement, and his spokesperson Alex Tsai claims that the original did serve as "inspiration" but it's not plagiarism. The director in question, Fan Ko-chin, is a known plagiarist who was first outed last year in the big inflatable yellow duck scandal, where he sold counterfeit yellow duck merchandise to make an extra buck off all of the press around the duck.

The netizen sleuths thankfully made a nice Youtube compilation of the Lien campaign ad synced frame for frame to the original California Lottery ad. Here's that remix:

And the original:

Is it plagiarism? Should Sean Lien and his campaign be held responsible, at the very least for being aware of the possibility that people would make such a claim? Let me know what you think in the comments!

As if that weren't enough, it has "mysteriously come to light" that Ko Wen-je has been colluding with the Communist Chinese, anti-Falun Gong, organ harvesting mafia to import organs from China to Taiwan. Of course, there is absolutely no truth to these accusations, but when you're running out of ideas, I guess you just go with what you've got! What'll be next from the KMT? In the coming weeks, don't be surprised if we find out that Ko Wen-je is responsible for the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa.

Good grief!


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